Driving Clean Assistance Program

This program offers financial support for the purchase or lease of a new or used all-electric, plug-in hybrid, or hybrid vehicle, including a grant of up to $5,000 and a loan of up to $15,000 with affordable interest rates.

Type of incentive


Charging grant

Can be used for

Lease new vehicle

Lease used vehicle

Purchase new vehicle

Purchase used vehicle




After your application is approved, you will need to accept the loan within 5 days. Once you have accepted your loan, you will have 30 days to use the loan to purchase an electric car.

Limited Availability

This program is currently accepting a limited number of applications

Required documents

To complete your application and receive your benefits, you will have to submit the following documentation:

  • Photo ID - A picture or scanned copy of your valid California driver’s license
  • Relevant expenses - Copies of relevant expenses, such as your lease and utility bills
  • Proof of income - Copies of your recent pay stubs or other proof of income
  • Bank statements - Copies of your recent bank statements
  • Educational component - Certificate of completion of online educational courses (shared by the program)
  • Letter - A letter, typed or written, expressing your financial need from the program
  • Two references

Note: you will have the opportunity to receive the charging and loan benefits once you have submitted your application.