Access Clean California's mission is to create easy and comprehensive access to California's climate equity programs for residents and communities that face the most harm from environmental injustice. We're pairing community-based outreach with a user-friendly application experience that helps people get all the funding they qualify for and switch to clean energy and transportation that works for them.
Community partnerships
Reduce pollution in your communities
Help residents switch to affordable clean energy and transportation using our intuitive, web-based Benefits Finder and application tool.
Access education and outreach resources
Use our bank of photos, videos, marketing materials, and educational and training resources to help spread the word, and get connected with grant funding opportunities for your outreach campaigns.
Be part of a network
Work with organizations statewide to amplify the voices of disadvantaged communities around clean energy and influence program development and design. Our statewide equity outreach network includes CBOs and other community groups, program administrators, and agency staff.
Programmatic partnerships
Reach priority communities
Leverage our outreach network to make sure your programs and funding opportunities are reaching priority communities.
Maximize benefits to constituents
Make sure your constituents are getting all the benefits they are eligible for from complimentary programs.
Streamline your application process
Provide a great experience for your applicants and streamline your internal processes with our automated integrations and centralized income verification.
Technical Assistance & Capacity-Building Pilot
Access Clean California led a technical assistance and capacity-building pilot in 2021-2022, partnering with six local organizations to do clean transportation outreach in hard-to-reach communities across the state, while helping them access funding and other resources to support their growth. Download our pilot overview to learn more about the project and access our training and curricular materials.
"As a partner of Access Clean California, we're able to target tribal communities and provide information about clean transportation incentives offered by the state, which allows us as tribal individuals to put into practice our belief to make a meaningful contribution to and for the next generation."
- Jill Sherman-Warne, Executive Director, Native American Environmental Protection Coalition
"Access Clean California's resource platform is where individuals and families find out about the Driving Clean Assistance Program and its resources to assist them to change how they currently drive from gasoline to driving clean affordably."
- Vivian Rahwanji, Program and Marketing Director, Community Housing Development Corporation of North Richmond
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