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Explore Electric Vehicles

Whether you have a long commute, a large family, or just need a car to run errands, there’s an electric vehicle for you! Choose among hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicles from your most trusted car brands to meet your driving needs.

Which EV is right for me?

Electric cars of all types are cleaner than traditional gas cars. They help make our air cleaner by reducing pollution from the road. The cleaner the car you choose, the more grants and rebates you’ll be eligible for. What’s more, you’ll save time and money on things like gas and maintenance.

Battery Electric Vehicle

A Battery Electric Vehicle is a car that runs only on electricity. You don't need to fill up an all-electric car with gas, get the oil changed, or do other engine maintenance. To drive it, all you need to do is charge the battery.

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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (some people just call them “Plug-ins”) have both an electric motor and an engine that runs on gas. What makes a plug-in unique is that you can charge it with electricity, fill it with gas, or both.

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Hybrid Electric Cars (some people just call them Hybrids) run on gas, but have an electric motor that works with the  gasoline engine to improve gas mileage. Less fuel means less pollution and fewer trips to the gas station.

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Photo of a woman standing next to her electric car.

I now have a reliable, clean air vehicle that I never would have been able to afford on my own without this program."

— Randi Lewis, Vallejo