About Access Clean California
People who live in the most polluted parts of California often have the least access to clean energy resources like electric vehicles and solar power that can help clean up the air and reduce their energy costs. Access Clean California helps residents with low and moderate incomes get money and other benefits to help them make the switch.
How It Works
Use our benefits finder to find all the state and local clean energy benefits you qualify for, like money for public transit or a new or used electric vehicle; free or low cost home charging; no-cost home solar; and more. Here’s how it works:
Do I qualify?Answer a few quick questions (anonymously) to see which programs can help.
What are my options?Choose the programs that best match your transportation and energy needs.
Get started!Don’t hold off on the benefits you deserve. We can help get things rolling right away.
Everything you share is secure, and there's no credit check required.
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Outreach Partners
We partner with community organizations across the state to help you learn about your clean energy and transportation options and get the support you need to apply.
Blue Lake Rancheria
Central California Asthma Collaborative/Clean Vehicle Empowerment Collective
Community Environmental Council
Ecology Action
Grid Alternatives
Liberty Hill Foundation
Native American Environmental Protection Coalition
SEIU California
I love my EV more today than I did when I got it. It’s a super fun car and I’m so glad to contribute to cleaner air."
- Kari H'Orvath, Riverside
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I care about clean energy?
Why is California providing money for cleaner cars and energy upgrades?
Will switching to a clean energy vehicle save me money?
Am I eligible for any of these programs?
If I check my eligibility will it hurt my credit score?
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