Save money and reduce pollution!
Get thousands of dollars to upgrade your car, switch to transit, or install clean energy in your home.
No credit check required
We’ll help you find all the clean energy benefits you’re eligible for, so you can start breathing easier.
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Clean energy vehicles
Help buying or leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle
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Help installing a home vehicle charging station or pre-paid public charging
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Additional benefits for electric vehicle drivers like parking and toll discounts, special utility rates, discounted insurance, and more.
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Public transit
Pre-paid card for public transportation
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Car sharing
Free and discounted car share memberships
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Home solar
No-cost solar electric system to power your home and car
"I now have solar on my roof, a charging system, and I have my electric vehicle. I just checked my electric bill and even with the super dry summer that we had, I had a credit in those months."
- Erica Williams, Pomona
Frequently asked questions
Why should I care about clean energy?
Why is California providing money for cleaner cars and energy upgrades?
Will switching to a clean energy vehicle save me money?
Am I eligible for any of these programs?
If I check my eligibility will it hurt my credit score?
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